The Best Time to Visit Kedarnath via Ekdham Yatra by Helicopter

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Overview of Kedarnath via Ekdham Yatra

Kedarnath is one of the most popular destinations in India and for good reason. The picturesque village is surrounded by stunning mountainous scenery and has been visited by millions of pilgrims every year. It's also one of only two places in the country where you can visit both Badrinath and Kedarnath via helicopter ride. If you're planning a trip to this part of Uttarakhand soon, read on for more information about how the best time to visit this holy place via helicopter flight!

Kedarnath is a town in Uttarakhand, India. It is located at an altitude of 4,812 meters (16,000 feet), about 5 kilometers from the source of River Bhagirathi. The temple is situated on top of a hillside and has become an important pilgrimage site for Hindus because it was believed to be where Lord Shiva meditated for ten years before returning to his original form as Parvati's husband.

The main temple complex consists of five temples: Garudeshwar Mandir, Brahmakund Temple, Nandi Temple and Vishnu Bairagya Mandir are located close together with four smaller shrines dedicated to other gods like goddess Durga - Lakshmi Narayananath Temple; Hanuman Bhawanamandir; Lord Rama-Govind Dev Mandir & Goddess Kali-Hariyali Parshwanatha Mandar

Best time to plan your Kedarnath visit

The best time to visit Kedarnath is between June and October. This is because the weather during this period is pleasant and there are no heavy rains or cloud cover in the region. The temperature range varies from 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) in summer to 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit) in winter. However, if you want to avoid any discomfort during your stay at the temple, it’s better not go there during rainy season as chances of getting drenched are high due to heavy showers that can ruin your entire trip plans with nothing but misery left behind by them!

Why opt for a helicopter ride to Kedarnath

Ekdham yatra kedarnath helicopter is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You get to see the entire valley from above, and you can see the snow-clad peaks of the Garhwal Himalayas. You will also be able to see some of the temples and lakes in Kedarnath.

The best time for a helicopter ride is during monsoon season (June-September). This is because it's very rare for clouds to form over this area during these months!

Experience the stunning views from above

Ekdham yatra by helicopter ride is a great way to see the stunning views of Kedarnath, which are not possible from below. The best part about this experience is that you can fly above the clouds and take pictures from above. The helicopter flight will take you 10 minutes and then you can have lunch on a terrace or enjoy snacks at your place!

What to expect during the Ekdham Yatra

Once you arrive at the helipad, you will be taken to Ek dham yatra via helicopter. The helicopter ride takes around 30 minutes and is a memorable experience. You will get to see some of the most beautiful parts of Uttarakhand including the Chaukhamba Temple, Pindar Valley and other tourist attractions such as Srinagar Kangri Peak or Hanuman Temple at Annapurna Base Camp trekking route etc..

After landing in Kedarnath, we proceed towards Badrinath Helicopter Tour where our pilot whisks us away on another exciting flight through enchanting valleys where clouds drift across misty valleys while your eyes adjust to their shifting hues after having just seen clear blue skies above them previously during your journey from Dehradun city centre airport (Ranchi Airport).

Benefits of a helicopter ride for the elderly and disabled

A helicopter ride is a safe option for the elderly and disabled.

A helicopter ride is a comfortable option for the elderly and disabled.

A helicopter ride is a convenient option for the elderly and disabled.

Heli ride is affordable to most people who want to fly in a helicopter, but it may not be affordable if you have limited funds or income sources that are not sufficient enough to afford this type of travel mode at all times (for example: students).

Tips for a comfortable helicopter journey

  • Wear comfortable clothes.

  • Wear a hat and sunglasses.

  • Bring a water bottle, book, camera and laptop/tablet if you have them handy on your flight or in the car. The helipad is quite small so it’s better to bring these instead of carrying them around with you during your Yatra.

  • If possible wear headphones that can fit into your ears without falling out when you are flying through the air at high speeds (this would be very dangerous). Also make sure that there are ear plugs available as well for those who want to sleep during their flight!

Ideal duration of a Kedarnath visit

The ideal duration of a Kedarnath visit is two days. If you are planning to stay for three days, then it is better to travel by train and avoid the traffic jams on the way back.

You must be aware that there are many pilgrims who visit Kedarnath during their lifetime and they have made some incredible memories with their family members or friends. The best thing about this pilgrimage is that it can be done in just one day if you have enough money and time. However, if you want to spend more than 3-4 days at Kedarnath then no doubt it will cost more money as well as time required for visiting this temple complex

Accommodation options in Kedarnath

There are many accommodation options available in Kedarnath. The following are some of the best:

  • Budget Hotels, Resorts and Cottages:

  • Budget hotels/resorts offer basic facilities like rooms with attached bathrooms or thin mattresses on the floor, but they also provide good value for money and are usually located near Kedarnath Temple (or alternatively close to other popular tourist attractions). You can expect a quiet atmosphere at these guesthouses because they're not frequented by tourists during peak season. Some may even have attached restaurants where you can enjoy local cuisine before heading out for sightseeing activities around your chosen destination; others may offer transport services if you wish to go somewhere else during your stay in Uttarakhand!

Top attractions in Kedarnath

Kedarnath Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is located in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, India. The temple was built between 9th and 10th century AD by King Bhaskaravarman who was also known as "Kedarnath".

The temple has been destroyed by several earthquakes but it remained intact until 1819 when it was totally devastated by an earthquake that killed over 5000 people including pilgrims who had gathered at this place for worshiping Shiva's Linga (phallic symbol).

Food options and local delicacies to try

The Kedarnath region has a number of local delicacies to try, and the best time to visit is between October and November. You can also find some great food options at Ekdham, which is located just outside of Kedarnath. Here are some of our favorite things to eat during your trip:

  • Dhaula Ka Phool (a dish made from roasted wheat)

  • Keema Bhatura (a type of bread filled with spiced potatoes)

  • Gola Khata (fried dough balls filled with spice paste)

  • Khatti Pulao (rice cooked in milk flavoured with cardamom seeds).

Safety precautions to keep in mind during the trip

To ensure that your trip is safe and relaxing, it's important to keep these safety precautions in mind:

  • Check the weather forecast. The best way to travel is when there is no rain or snowfall. If it rains or snows during your helicopter ride, then you may have trouble landing at Kedarnath Temple or at any other point along the way if you are flying over water.

  • Check the helicopter's condition. The pilot should be able to fly safely without any problems with his/her equipment (e.g., rotor blades) and should have enough fuel for a full day of operation on this trip so as not to inconvenience anyone else traveling with them through air traffic control regulations throughout India’s airspace system which includes multiple airports such as Delhi Gurgaon Mumbai Chennai Bangalore Hyderabad Kolkata Trivandrum Cochin Kochi Thiruvananthapuram Madurai Shreveport Houston Los Angeles San Francisco San Diego El Paso Phoenix Columbus Charleston New Orleans Birmingham Charlotte Nashville Memphis Jacksonville Miami Fort Lauderdale Washington DC Baltimore Philadelphia Wilmington Newark (DE) Pittsburgh Baltimore Washington DC Virginia Beach Norfolk Hickory Raleigh Durham Greensboro Charlotte Seattle Tacoma Tacoma Olympia Portland Salem Eugene Medford Hillsboro Salem Eugene Medford Hillsboro

How to book a helicopter ride to Kedarnath

You can book a helicopter ride to Kedarnath via Ekdham Yatra by Helicopter directly from the helipad operator. The helipad operator will have you choose your preferred date, time and number of passengers on board. You can also book online through their website or find more information about it here:

Alternatively, if your travel agent is based in India then they may be able to arrange this for you as well (this depends on where they are located).

Cost and budget considerations for the trip

To plan your trip, you should know the cost of the trip and budget considerations before Ek dham yatra online booking. You can also check out our blog on how much time to spend in Delhi or Uttarakhand by helicopter.

To begin with, let’s look at how much time it will take for you to travel from Delhi to Kedarnath via Ekdham Yatra Helicopter. The total distance covered by this route is 1212 km (764 miles), which equals around 4 hours 15 minutes of flying time by chopper!

If you want more information about this particular route and its prices, then please refer back to our previous article titled “Best Time To Visit Kedarnath From Delhi Via Helicopter” where we have discussed all aspects related with this topic including cost analysis along with some tips on packing light so that there are no extra expenses incurred during your journey!

You can visit Kedarnath via helicopter in the best time of the year.

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