'Super healthy' Djokovic not a 'threat' to public

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As his lawyers record an entreaty to support the world No.1 successful Australia agelong capable to support his Australian Open title, the star's doc has taken a swipe astatine the Australian authorities implicit a telephone to revoke his visa for a 2nd time.

Djokovic's lawyers volition look tribunal contiguous successful a bid to escaped their lawsuit truthful helium tin person a accidental to triumph a record-breaking 21st Grand Slam rubric successful Melbourne.

Dr Igor Cetojevic. (drigor.org/)

Dr Igor Cetojevic, a Bosnian-born Serb who lives successful Cyprus who is wide credited with helping Djokovic to the apical of his crippled by implementing a strict diet, called retired the Australian authorities for being disquieted astir the hazard a "super healthy" Djokovic posed.

"It's absurd that idiosyncratic who has optimal wellness is simply a menace to the wellness of the public," Dr Cetojevic, told AFP.

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"How tin a ace steadfast feline beryllium a menace for the Australian Open," the 60-year-old doc said, laughing retired loud.

"It's each politics, it starts with politics, not thing else," said Cetojevic, who describes himself arsenic a qualified aesculapian doc who uses energetical medicine, Chinese medicine and a holistic attack to healing."

Djokovic has agelong searched for an borderline implicit his opponents with fare and different remedies that person been discredited by critics.

In his 2013 publication "Serve to Win", Djokovic wrote that changing his fare connected the proposal of Cetojevic had helped to instrumentality him to the top, with the satellite No.1 adopting a gluten-free fare and fittingness plan.

Novak Djokovic appeals visa cancellation and to face court today

"We're similar precision instruments," Djokovic wrote.

"If I americium adjacent the slightest spot disconnected — if my assemblage is reacting poorly to the foods I've eaten — I simply can't play astatine the level it takes to bushed these guys."

Cetojevic claimed Djokovic had each close to beryllium hesitant astir getting the vaccine and that his show would "definitely" beryllium harmed if helium was to beryllium vaccinated.

"These alleged vaccines are, successful fact, experimental products that person not been clinically proven.

"I'm seeing patients these days, mean radical who followed the proposal to beryllium injected, who are present facing large wellness issues.

"The full thought is to provoke the body's immune system, but... we are each different. Some radical person antithetic reactions.

"If you person the champion car for Formula One and you enactment the incorrect petrol inside, what volition happen?" the doc added.

"He respects himself, helium is alert and a astute idiosyncratic and helium learns from his mistakes and helium besides from bully choices. Luckily, gathering maine 10 years ago, his beingness changed."

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