Portable laser scanner creates colour 3D images of surfaces or objects

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Lidar uses lasers to make 3D images, but these tin beryllium hard to construe due to the fact that they are achromatic and white. A caller scanner adds cameras to marque colour images that could beryllium utile for infrastructure inspection oregon robot vision

Technology 14 January 2022

By David Hambling

A caller portable scanner combines laser scanning exertion with cameras to make precise 3D images successful colour, and it could beryllium utilized for everything from infrastructure inspection to operation to robot vision.

Lidar measures the region to surfaces utilizing a laser. Each measurement records a constituent successful space, gathering a ”point cloud” to amusement surfaces and objects. Unlike a camera, the constituent unreality gives nonstop distances and dimensions, but the images are monochromatic and tin beryllium hard to interpret.

ExynPak is simply a handheld scanner from Exyn Technologies successful Philadelphia, which combines lidar with an AI strategy that drapes real-time …

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