Outsider wins DARPA challenge to predict where floats drift at sea

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A contention to forecast the locations of 90 floats drifting successful the Atlantic could pb to amended methods for tracking lipid slicks and locating shipwreck survivors

Technology 10 January 2022

By David Hambling

Float carrying sensors

A drifting interval similar those utilized successful the challenge

Courtesy of Sofar Ocean

A outer technologist with nary inheritance successful oceanography has won an planetary contention to foretell wherever a “message successful a bottle” volition drift to connected the unfastened sea.

Chris Wasson, who is based successful confederate California, bushed 31 teams to scoop the $25,000 apical prize successful the Forecasting Floats successful Turbulence Challenge, organised by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

“I don’t person immoderate existent inheritance successful oceanography oregon upwind strategy forecasting, but the occupation was stated arsenic much data- and algorithms-oriented,” says Wasson. …

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