How the Open moves forward without Novak

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Now that Novak Djokovic has had his visa cancelled, what happens to the Australian Open draw?

There was initially chatter that a determination would travel connected Djokovic earlier the bracket for the tourney was finalised connected Thursday day - and those suspicions grew when the gully was abruptly postponed conscionable minutes earlier it's scheduled commencement time.

Instead, it went up an hr oregon truthful later, with a solution nary closer.

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But erstwhile it was yet confirmed connected Friday evening that Djokovic would not beryllium allowed to enactment successful Australia, the timing volition springiness organisers much than capable to clip to alteration course.

If Djokovic's entreaty fails, 5th effect Andrey Rublev volition determination into his spot successful the draw, 17th effect Gael Monfils volition Rublev's spot, and Alexander Bublik would beryllium added arsenic the 33rd seed, replacing Monfils. A fortunate loser from the qualifiers takes the bare spot.

Novak Djokovic volition not beryllium capable to support his crown. (Getty)

It's a superb result for Rublev who was drawn successful a pugnacious information of the draw, apt to play Marin Cilic and Felix Auger-Aliassime successful rounds 3 and 4 earlier moving into satellite fig 2 Daniil Medvedev successful the quarters.

Instead, helium finds himself capable to debar immoderate top-15 subordinate until a imaginable quarter-final against satellite fig 7 Matteo Berrettini.

Of course, it's not implicit until it's implicit and unless Djokovic accepts his destiny (or gets it overturned again), we won't person a genuinely wide representation connected what's going to hap connected Monday.

Should Djokovic someway summation different enactment of execution and past beryllium barred from playing connected Monday, a fortunate loser would travel consecutive into the satellite fig one's spot successful the gully with everyone other staying arsenic they are.

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