Fed has to be ‘far more aggressive…than the Street thinks,’ says academic who called Dow 20,000: ‘This is too much money chasing too few goods’

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Jeremy Siegel, prof of concern astatine the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, connected Wednesday sounded sanguine astir the equity market, adjacent arsenic helium conceded that ostentation is apt to beryllium much pernicious than Wall Street expectations, causing the Federal Reserve headaches.

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“Everything is pointing upward. everything is going up…and the Fed,” Siegel said successful an interrogation with CNBC Wednesday afternoon. He speculated that the surge successful ostentation whitethorn origin the Fed to beryllium “far much assertive than what the Street thinks.”

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The professor’s comments travel arsenic Wednesday’s important ostentation information showed user terms gains pushing the header year-over-year complaint to 7%, a astir 40-year high.

The world said that successful his estimation the occupation with ostentation was, perhaps, much pernicious than conscionable a supply-chain bottleneck contented exacerbated by the COVID pandemic but 1 rooted successful request and casual money.

“This is simply a request problem,” the prof said. “This is excessively overmuch wealth chasing excessively fewer goods,” helium said.

Deutsche Bank’s DB, -0.67% economists expect 4 hikes successful 2022, starting successful March, portion economists astatine Goldman Sachs Group Inc. GS raised their forecast for 2022 complaint increases, to 4 from three.

Still, Siegel’s remarks connote that further complaint increases mightiness beryllium needed to bushed backmost inflation.

He isn’t unsocial successful that reasoning either.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. JPM CEO Jamie Dimon, during a CNBC interrogation connected Monday afternoon, said marketplace projections for arsenic galore arsenic 3 complaint increases would beryllium “very easy” for the system (and market) to absorb. But helium said helium expects that the cardinal slope mightiness purpose to bash more.

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Meanwhile, Siegel said that alleged TINA, oregon determination is nary alternate (to stocks). trading volition assistance buttress the equity markets arsenic bonds get hit.

“Stocks are existent assets, you conscionable can’t clasp insubstantial assets which are bonds,” Siegel said. The 10-year Treasury enactment yields 1.73% connected Wednesday, hovering astir its highest levels since March of 2021.

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On Wednesday, however, equities were struggling for direction, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +0.25%, the S&P 500 scale SPX, +0.39% and the Nasdaq Composite Index COMP, +0.31% warring to enactment supra the flatline arsenic investors measure the prospects for markets and the system and set their portfolios, scaling backmost connected rate-sensitive highflying names and into those that mightiness execute amended successful a higher-inflation and interest-rate environment.

“Higher existent rates does mean the rotation happens throughout,” the Wharton prof said, referring to value-oriented trades, compared against maturation stocks, which person been winners implicit the past respective years.

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