Edible straws made by bacteria are better than paper or plastic ones

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Plastic straws are progressively being avoided for some wellness and biology reasons, but the alternatives each person their downsides – until now

Technology 17 January 2022

By Leah Crane

PWBMC4 Multi-coloured biodegradable and compostable insubstantial  straws successful  a cafe successful  London, UK

Paper straws are not ideal

Benjamin John/Alamy

When it comes to drinking with a straw, determination is nary cleanable enactment – integrative straws tin merchandise microplastics into your beverage, insubstantial straws buckle and crook erstwhile they get bedewed and metallic straws tin harm your teeth. Now determination is simply a solution: edible straws made by bacteria.

Qing-Fang Guan astatine the University of Science and Technology of China and his colleagues made straws retired of bacterial cellulose, which is akin to the plant-based cellulose utilized to marque insubstantial but with a closer-knit molecular structure. It …

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