Dow Jones Falls; Ford Stock Passes Milestone, Tesla Gets Hammered; Nvidia Dives Despite This

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average reversed little portion tech stocks got spanked. Ford Motor (F) passed the $100 cardinal people adjacent arsenic Tesla (TSLA) plunged. Nvidia (NVDA) took a dive adjacent arsenic Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) surged past a prime bargain point connected earnings.

Meanwhile, Boeing (BA) was the apical bluish spot arsenic bundle plays including Microsoft (MSFT) struggled.


A mates of different stocks besides attempted breakouts. Homebuilder PulteGroup (PHM) and spot instrumentality banal MKS Instruments (MKSI) tested entries.

Nasdaq Dives As Growth Stocks Get Mauled

The Nasdaq lagged worst retired of the large indexes. It closed down 2.5% aft selling intensified late. Zscaler (ZS) was 1 of the worst laggards, falling 8.6%. EV banal LucidLCID fared adjacent worse, dropping 8.9%.

The S&P 500 besides struggled, dropping 1.4%. ServiceNow (NOW) fared worst here, dipping 9.1%.

The S&P sectors closed mostly lower. Utilities and user staples, antiaircraft areas, made the champion gains. Technology, wellness and user discretionary fell the most.

U.S. Stock Market Today Overview

Index Symbol Price Gain/Loss % Change
Dow Jones (0DJIA) 36115.27 -175.05 -0.48
S&P 500 (0S&P5) 4659.25 -67.10 -1.42
Nasdaq (0NDQC ) 14806.81 -381.58 -2.51
Russell 2000 (IWM) 214.27 -1.72 -0.80
IBD 50 (FFTY) 42.07 -0.60 -1.41
Last Update: 4:14 PM ET 1/13/2022

Late selling saw tiny caps reverse lower. The Russell 2000 closed down 0.8%.

Bears were besides mauling maturation stocks. The Innovator IBD 50 ETF (FFTY), a bellwether for maturation stocks, gave up 1.4%.

Dow Jones Reverses As Microsoft Stock Falls

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fared champion retired of the large indexes. But it ended up surrendering astir 200 points amid precocious unit arsenic it fell 0.5%.

Boeing was the apical performer connected the Dow Jones today, rising 3%. This allowed the Aerospace elephantine to retake its 200-day moving average for the archetypal clip successful months, MarketSmith investigation shows.

Meanwhile, bundle plays were lagging astir connected the Dow Jones today. Microsoft stock, a apical performer Wednesday, fared worst arsenic it fell 4.2%.

The IBD Leaderboard stock has fallen nether its 50-day moving mean arsenic it retreats to the bottommost of a potential level base. MSFT is shooting for a imaginable introduction of 349.77. was besides lagging. It closed adjacent lows for the time arsenic it gave up 3.9%. The banal remains mired beneath the important 200-day moving average.

Growth Stocks Lead Market Sell-Off; What To Do Now

Ford Stock Passes Milestone, Tesla Stock Plunges

Ford banal was hitting the headlines aft the company's marketplace headdress passed the $100 cardinal people for the archetypal time.

The iconic automaker has seen its stock terms soar by astir 160% implicit the past 12 months.

The banal has been bolstered by its pipeline of electrical vehicles. It is not offering a valid bargain constituent astatine the moment. Buying present would beryllium risky.

In contrast, EV person Tesla was hammered, dropping 6.8%. The banal mislaid crushed connected a caller grip introduction of 1,208.10. The new handle is deeper than accustomed owed to caller volatile marketplace conditions.

It comes aft a breakout past a double-bottom basal and a bargain constituent of 1,202.05 failed.

Tesla banal gave up each its gains and much aft clearing a trendline entry past week.

Shares traded arsenic precocious arsenic 1,243.49 connected Nov. 4. The banal present sits astir 15% beneath this level. It remains up much than 30% implicit the past 12 months, however.

Tesla is simply a subordinate of the prestigious IBD Leaderboard database of apical maturation stocks.

Nvidia Stock Slammed As TSM Does This

It was a challenging time for spot person Nvidia. The Leaderboard banal closed down 5.1%. It fell contempt moving higher successful premarket action.

The banal is presently trading beneath its 50-day moving average arsenic it digests gains.

It had been fixed an aboriginal boost by Taiwan Semiconductor net earlier reversing lower.

TSM is successful a bargain portion aft shares jumped past a 135.60 bargain constituent of a cup with handle.

It comes aft the spot institution reported Q4 net and income that bested expert estimates.

It posted EPS of $1.15, up 19% from the year-earlier period. Analysts expected net of $1.12 a share.

For the existent quarter, Taiwan Semi expects to make gross of $16.6 cardinal to $17.2 billion. The midpoint of $16.9 cardinal topped expert estimates for $15.7 cardinal and would people a 33% year-over-year increase.

Semiconductor makers fertile No. 13 retired of IBD's 197 manufacture groups for six-month terms performance.

These Stocks Test Buy Points

Homebuilder PulteGroup came wrong a penny of passing a cup-with-handle bargain constituent of 58.10 earlier slipping back. This is simply a 2nd signifier pattern.

Analysts spot beardown net maturation for PHM banal successful 2022. It moved higher contempt the quality owe rates had risen to their highest levels since March 2020.

Chip instrumentality banal MKS Instruments fell backmost aft concisely passing a cup-with-handle introduction of 180.77. This is simply a archetypal signifier pattern, which means it is much apt to succeed.

Market show is presently lagging net here, and net are besides imminent. Big wealth has been buying up the banal of precocious though.

With the market uptrend inactive presently nether pressure, investors workout other caution erstwhile it comes to establishing caller positions.

It is worthy keeping a adjacent tab connected stocks performing good nether these conditions and adhd them to one's watchlist.

Please travel Michael Larkin connected Twitter at @IBD_MLarkin for much connected maturation stocks and analysis.


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